Equinox: Day at Sea II

Location: In the Caribbean, between Grand Cayman and Cartagena, Columbia

Today was the second “at sea” day of the cruise. Like so many other sea days before, we accomplished very little beyond relaxing and working on our tans.

In the afternoon Rachel and Leigh went to the casino. Ryan even joined them in a few rounds of Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em (a table game version of Texas Hold ‘Em).

In the evening we saw another show from Jayne Curry. She puts on a fantastic show! The crowd really got into her show, and she danced in the seats with everyone during “Dancing Queen”. It was an older crowd though, so Abba worked well. But her second to last song of the night was Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”.  Jayne asked the crowd to join her. But, very few people were singing along. It seemed like only three people in the room knew the lyrics, Jayne, and the two of us. We felt very young!

After dinner we saw a late night show of the Liar’s Club game show, featuring Jayne Curry, Gareth Oliver the ventriloquist from last night and Alice Oliver his wife and sidekick from the act, and Alejandro (aka Ratatouille) the cruise director. It was hilarious!

Tomorrow we make port in Cartagena, Columbia where we’ll go on a tour of the old city.

Free purell squirts yesterday: 5

Free purell squirt today: 6


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