Grand Cayman Dolphin Encounter

Location: Grand Cayman


We had a much more active day today than the last two days combined. Today the Equinox dropped anchor in Georgetown, Cayman Islands. This is our second time in the Caymans in the last year. We first visited together last December where we went for a tour to Stingray City which we thought also included a dolphin encounter. It turned out the tour description was wrong, so we didn’t interact with dolphins on that trip.

This time though, we did!

We tendered off the ship to the cruise terminal in Georgetown. Then took a shuttle to Dolphin Discovery Cove. Unlike last year, our tour started with a boat ride from the Cove to Stingray City. We spent a little under an hour there.


The guides did more with the temporarily captured sting rays than was done last year. In part because they brought photographers with them to sell photos of our interactions with the rays. We had our GoPro anyway…



The area was also pretty crowded, with about 10 boats all in close proximity, so there weren’t as many rays per person as we were used to. Toward the end of the encounter, they threw out the squid for us to feed to the rays. This brought more to the area for us to observe.




But very soon thereafter we had to go back to the Cove for the dolphin encounter.

The dolphin encounter was much longer and more interactive than we were expecting. Our dolphin friend for the next hour was a four-year old male named Lucky. During this time, we got to pet him several times…

…hug him…


…dance with him…



…kiss him and get kisses back…



…get a ride by holding on to his dorsal fins…


…get pushed by the foot on a boogie board…


…play fetch…



… and more! It was lots of fun!

It was all over too soon and we had to make our way to the ship. In the evening, We, along with Becky and Leigh, saw a performance by the ventriloquist Gareth Oliver. We’d seen him before on the Equinox two years ago. He was just as funny as before.

Tomorrow is another day at sea. We hope it will be as unproductive and relaxing as possible.

Total cetaceans: 1, common dolphin

Total steps: 5,936. A little low in part because we spent so much time in the water today.


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