Equinox: Day At Sea I

Location: heading south rounding the west coast of Cuba

It almost seems like a waste to post today. Today was our first full day at sea of the cruise. We weren’t very original. We spent the prime hours of the day tanning and blonding. In the afternoon Rachel went to the casino and Ryan went to a seminar about Galapagos cruises.

Enjoying the sun.
Enjoying the sun.

Coincidentally we have the same cruise director from our Antarctic cruise as we have on this trip. And much like that cruise, they offered a Pool OlympiX game as entertainment. Ryan figured he try again to go for the Celebrity gold. There was only one game and the it was pretty short. In this game, teams had to relay a wet towel across a pool and squeeze it out into a bucket. The team that filled the bucket first wins.

There were two teams: Team Awesome, and Team Not-So-Awesome (Ryan’s team). But unlike the last competition a few years ago, with a biased judge, Ryan’s team won this time. The prize was a t-shirt and not a fake medal.

Team Not-So-Awesome is on the right.
The relay race.
The relay race.

Tonight was also the first of two “formal” nights for the cruise. Officially Celebrity dropped formal nights in favor of Celebrity Chic. So we all got sorta dressed up, had our photos taken and attended the first of three full productions shows of the cruise.

Tonight’s show was the stage production Life. We knew we were in for something different when a voice come on before the show encouraging us to take (non-flash) photos and videos from the show. It even went so far as to tell us to share on social media. In the past we got the exact opposite message, so we didn’t have a camera with us. The show featured talented singing and dancing with music from various pop artists of the last two years. Much more current than we are used to on the ships.

Tomorrow we anchor at Grand Cayman. We are sort of repeating last year’s trip by going to Stingray City and attempting to swim with dolphins.

Free purell squirts yesterday: 5

Free purell squirts today: 9

Total steps from our room (far aft end of ship) to nearest elevator: ~150

Total steps today: 7,995

And a shout out to Judy… If we didn’t have a room in the back of the ship, we would never get our steps in! 😉


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