Hubbard Glacier

Location: Hubbard Glacier, Alaska


Today was the first of two “at sea” days of the cruise, and effectively the first “day off” we have had since our trip began. The highlight today was a scenic cruise of the Hubbard Glacier. This glacier is one of the largest in Alaska, and one of the few glaciers in the world that is actually growing, due in part to the local geography and that fact that many smaller glaciers and icefields feed into it.

We arrived into Disenchantment Bay in the middle of the day, and then spent about an hour navigating the fjord, avoiding the small pieces of ice in the waters. Eventually we arrived within a mile of the front of the Glacier. The Radiance spent about 2-3 hours here slowly spinning to allow everyone a chance to look at the glacier.

Approaching the Hubbard Glacier
Approaching the Hubbard Glacier

The weather was perfect today to observe the glacier: sunny, lower 60s and no wind. The ships “naturalist” lamented that this was the best weather he’d seen in 10 years of coming here.



We got to see and hear lots of calving during our time at the glacier. Which was really cool, because we hadn’t seen that during our time at the Endeavour Glacier.




Today was also the first formal night of the cruise. We got dressed up and took this photo.

You can't tell, but Ryan is not wearing shoes in this photo
You can’t tell, but Ryan is not wearing shoes in this photo

After dinner we attended a comedy show.

Tomorrow we make port in Juneau, Alaska, where we’ll watch whales and visit the Mendenhall Glacier.

Today’s Weather: High 71, Low 41, Sunny

Total Steps: 7,053

Sunrise: 4:14am, Sunset 10:18pm (and we got to see it too)



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