Last Day of Freedom [of the Seas]

Location: somewhere between Florida and Cuba

Today was our last full day of the cruise, and we made it a long one. We awoke before 7:00 and headed up to the sports deck. Ryan went for one last attempt on the Flowrider with another lesson. He showed some improvement and finally worked out the issue that had been dogging him on the last several cruises (back arm kept coming forward). He had several alternating 180s during his attempts.


And plenty of wipeouts out too.



Following the lesson we spent most of the rest of the day relaxing by the pool, working on our sunburns.

In the afternoon Rachel went to the casino while Ryan went to the gym. And after several attempts, we finally managed to get resolution on the Grand Cayman excursion issue.

In the evening we saw the farewell show, which featured a comic and performances by two aerial dancers. Tonight was lobster night too. Rachel, Becky and Leigh each had two, Ryan had three.

Tomorrow we disembark from the ship and fly home.

Total steps today: 11,453

Total complementary purell squirts: 7

Totals for the cruise:

Countries: 5 (US, Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico)

Total purell squirts: 56

Total launches: 1 (Atlas V 401)

Total wipeouts: a lot

Total Steps: 70,937

Total distance sailed: about 1600 nmi

Total watercraft: 6

Total penguins: 0

Total unsuccessful attempts at getting out of a hot tub: 0

Total malibu pina coladas: 2

Total pictures: 1,078


This marks the end of our discount December getaway cruise: Join us again in May for our next adventure.



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