Relaxing on the Freedom of the Seas

Location: Falmouth, Jamaica

Today we made port in Falmouth, Jamaica. We weren’t particularly interested in the excursions at this destination, and Rachel has visited before so we decided to have an easy and relaxing day on the ship.


We spent most of the morning relaxing by the pool in the solarium. We took a break in the middle of the day to leave the ship and actually explore the marketplace in port. We did some shmying around, purchasing the requisite magnets, and looking at rum prices. Unsurprisingly, the prices of the nearby shops weren’t competitive with what we have at home so we didn’t purchase any new rums.

In the afternoon we had a couples massage at the ship’s spa. It was very relaxing and helped to loosen the knots in our muscles. We were so relaxed that it was a bit difficult to leave the room after the massage was complete.

In the late afternoon, Ryan tried the flowrider again. The picture below typifies the experience.


In the evening we saw the Wild & James, a comedic juggling duo. They did many of the juggling acts you would expect to see on a cruise ship, but added in a healthy dose of PG-13 humor.

After the show we joined Mark, Myrna, Becky, and Leigh for pre-dinner drinks. Then we went for a birthday celebration steak dinner at Chops. The steak was terrific and the sides were excellent. We ate way too much…

Tomorrow we are arrive in Grand Cayman, where we’ll get to swim with dolphins and sting rays.

Total steps: 11,228

Total complimentary purell squirts: 12


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