MNF: Monday Night Formal

Location: Sailing through the Bahamas

Today was our first full day of the trip on the Freedom of the Seas and it was an “at sea day”. We’ve had plenty of these on previous trips, and we didn’t treat this one any differently. We spent most of the day relaxing on the sun deck. We both worked on our tans and Ryan worked on blonding his hair.

In the late afternoon, Ryan went to the gym and Rachel went to the casino. Ryan did try to surf on the flow rider, but the line was prohibitively long.

Tonight was a formal night, hence the title Monday Night Formal (MNF). We got dressed up, saw the stage production show “Marquee” and had dinner with; Becky, Leigh, Mark, and Myrna.

Formal Night
Formal Night

After dinner, we engaged in a different type of MNF, Monday night football. We watched part of the Cowboys-Redskins game on the big screen on the sundeck.

Football on the sundeck.
Football on the sundeck.

Tomorrow we dock at Labadee, Haiti. We expect to spend much of the day at the beach.

Total steps: 7,869

Total complimentary squirts of purell: 7


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