Launching Our Trip

Location: Port St. Lucie/Port Canaveral

Yesterday we flew down from Maryland to Florida to begin our December getaway trip: a Western Caribbean cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico. We had an uneventful flight down and we were picked up by Becky and Leigh at the airport.  We all went out for dinner then drove north to their place to spend the night.

We awoke this morning, finished the last parts of packing, said goodbye to the dog, then we made our way further north to Port Canaveral. Today is Sunday and its football season, so Ryan wore his eagles gear (Rachel is saving her Redskins shirt for tomorrow).

The drive to Canaveral went by quickly, so quickly that we didn’t realize that we went to the wrong car park. By the time we realized it, everything was out of the car and we had already given the valet the keys. Luckily the woman at the counter was a die-hard Eagles fan, complete with tattoos, who gave us a good deal on parking for the week. Rachel, Becky, and Leigh kept their mouths closed about their own football loyalties (Go Skins!).

A quick shuttle ride to the port, 20 minutes at check-in at the terminal and we were finally on the Freedom of the Seas. We met Mark and Myrna, friends of Becky and Leigh, in the Windjammer for lunch. Following that, we sat on the sundeck watching the Seahawks-Vikings game on the huge deckside TV.

We took part in the mandatory muster drill, then went to the top of the ship with the others to watch a rocket launch.We got to see an Atlas V 401 launch from about 15 miles away. It was carrying supplies to the space station. There was some rain between us and the launch complex that kept us from getting a great view. Ryan helped the group, and many other passengers to look in the right direction while managing expectations.

The launch!
The launch!

After the launch, we returned to the room to watch the Eagles-Patriots game. We watched the first half. After that we went up to the sport deck for Ryan’s flowrider lesson.


This is un-edited. The red lights made taking pictures very difficult.
This is un-edited. The red lights made taking pictures very difficult,

After the lesson, we ran back to the room to change for dinner. Ryan was excited to see that the Eagles defeated the Patriots. No body saw that coming.

Tomorrow is our first day at sea. And Ryan forgot to pack sunscreen.

Total steps: 10,664

Total complimentary squirts of purell: 5


2 thoughts on “Launching Our Trip”

  1. Okay, I am following every word as usual. The stars aligned for Ryan yesterday – both at the parking lot and the football game. Looking good on the Flowrider, too. However, negative points for no sunscreen! Good thing you can buy that on board!

    Have a great time and tell your folks to look out for the agents on the Seminar at Sea for me. I want to do that next time, especially if I get to sail with a group of friendly faces.


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