Back to the Future

Location: Livingstone, Zambia -> Johannesburg, South Africa -> Dakar, Senegal -> Maryland

Yesterday we awoke at our hotel near Victoria Falls. We had over 24 hours of travelling ahead of us so rather than try to do another tour, or a quick hike to see the falls again we elected to get breakfast and relax by the pool, and take a few last pictures of the wildlife around the resort.

The highlight of the morning was seeing the two baobab trees found on the resort grounds. These are distinctive and old trees, sometimes referred to as “upside-down trees”.



Eventually we had to check out of the hotel and make our way to the airport to fly home. We managed to see Victoria Falls one last time during take off.


The trip home was easy enough (given the time and distance) and all of the flights landed early. Our flight from Johannesburg to Dakar took off at sunset. We were treated to a beautiful setting sun behind the city skyline. Sadly we didn’t get any good pictures though. And since we landed in Dakar in the middle of the night so we didn’t get any pictures there either.

We landed at Dulles early this morning and made our way home.

Today is also October 21, 2015, better known as “Back to the Future Day” in honor of the day Marty McFly visits the “future” in the second movie. We did our own version of time travel today. Because of our flight schedule and locations, October 21st lasted 30 hours for us.

Similar to other mega trips, we will post a summary highlights and totals for the trip in a few days.


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