Going Out With A Roar!

Location: Thornybush -> Johannesburg


Today we awoke at 5:00 for our last game drive. We have already seen so much, so really anything else new we would get to see would just be a bonus.

Chewie and Conright (our tracker) decide to try to track the lioness and her cub that we saw last night. We drove around for a little while, following their tracks and occasionally stopping to take quick pictures of other wildlife, such as


Guinea fowl
Guinea fowl

Eventually though, the tracks lead into some thick bush and the decision was made to abandon the tracking attempt. It would be too difficult and dangerous to attempt it further. So we went about trying to look for signs of other wildlife as we found it.

By shear luck, Conright spotted Mr. T resting in the grass not far from the road. We drove right up to him and spent close to half an hour admiring him.







We left only after another vehicle came by to view him. Next we traveled to a clearing for our first breakfast.


With Chewie and Conright
With Chewie and Conright

Then left to go for another lion viewing. Another vehicle found the dominant male lion and the two lioness sleeping off a large meal.



By this time, several hours had past and it was time to return to the lodge. Our last game drive went out with a roar!

At the lodge we had our second and third breakfasts, then we packed up to prepare to move on to the next phase of our trip. It was sad leaving the lodge, we had such a fantastic time at Serondella Lodge. Three days was enough, but we would have liked another day.

On the way back from Serondella to the main lodge we had a mini game drive. We got to see a handful of animals in the wild one last time.

Whalberg's Eagle
Whalberg’s Eagle
Seen while waiting for our airport shuttle.
A Hovering Pied Kingfisher. Seen while waiting for our airport shuttle.

Our flight from Hoedspruit to Johannesburg lasted about an hour, although it seemed that we spent about 40 min taxiing on the runway at HDS. The flight was uneventful. It took about 30 min to get from the airport to our hotel.

By this point it was getting late and we were pretty tired, so we spent the rest of the night at the hotel. In the late afternoon we watched the Rugby World Cup game between Wales and South Africa.  We don’t follow rugby at all, but when in Rome…

Today also marked the end of the eastern most part of our trip, and the farthest east either of us ever traveled. We made it as far as 31°11′ 50″ E.

Tomorrow we wake up early in the morning to catch a flight to Livingstone, Zambia as we enter the Victoria Falls portion of the trip.

Total Steps: 5,242

P.S. The South African rugby halftime talking heads are just an inane and nonsensical as our football halftime talking heads. The quote of the day has to go to “We’re all as tense as a chameleon on a smarty box”. We have no idea what that means?!


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