Thornybush Game Drive #2: Leopard Encounter

Location: Thornybush Game Preserve

One of the (many) nice things about Serdondella Game Lodge is that they don’t let you go hungry. In fact, they keep to a very hobbit like eating schedule. We woke up at 5:00 this morning to have our first breakfast of coffee and juice. Then we went on our first early morning game drive of the trip. This morning we saw:

Water Buffalo
Kudu Antelope

And lots of redbilled and yellowbilled hornbills

Yellowbilled Hornbill
Yellowbilled Hornbill

But the highlight of the drive came when we found a leopard named Twin Spot . The rangers tend to be successful at finding her, and this morning was no exception. She is currently raising a young cub, but he was hidden away.




Afterwards we stopped for our morning tea (breakfast #2)

Then we saw a few small groups of giraffes. We got some great up close views. One of the groups had a male giraffes stalking a female. He was wanted to mate, she wanted to eat. We didn’t see them finish the act. Apparently a male can spend days following a female before she’ll finally agree.



However the weather didn’t cooperate toward the end of the drive. Some much needed rain began to fall, and we cut the drive short by about 20 minutes. No one was upset.

The rain continued through our primary breakfast, and through the rest of the morning and early afternoon. We had hoped to sleep out by the pool during the midday. Instead, we slept in the room.

This afternoon and evening we have a few more meals and an evening game drive planned. We’ll post again later tonight.


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