Our Last Continent

Location: In transit from Maryland -> Dakur, Senegal ->Johannesburg -> Cape Town, South Africa



Yesterday marked the beginning of our fourth super trip, and our first trip to Africa.  We have been to the other six continents, so Africa would complete our set.

We left home around 1:30 PM EDT and made our way to the airport. After check in we spent some time in the Lufthansa Lounge enjoying german treats and playing on our phones. But after an hour we left to board what would be our home for the next 19 hours, a South African Airways A330. Everyone boarded quickly and the plane left the gate early hoping to take off before a rain storm came in and shut down the airport. The rain beat us though, and we sat on the runway for 2 hours before finally taking off. Despite poor communication from the cockpit, the crew managed to keep the passengers entertained with refreshments and turning on the in-flight entertainment. Ryan, however was getting stressed about missing our connecting flight in Johannesburg in about 24 hours, and all of the logistics attached to it.The rest of the 7 hour flight to Dakur, Senegal went by without incident.

Because of the weather delay at Dulles we landed about 2 hours late into Dakur. We took a few pictures of the city and coast as we landed. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of the plane on this trip to see Cape Verde, the westernmost point of Africa.

The plane spent about an hour here, so that some passengers could get off, others could get on, refuel, and clean. We couldn’t and didn’t attempt to leave the plane. Some of the new passengers boarding the plane in Senegal included the Gambia men’s soccer team. When taxiing for take off, we saw the African Renaissance Monument out of the windows, but we couldn’t get a good picture. We’ll try again on the way back.

The eight-ish hour flight to Johannesburg was also uneventful. We got a few hours of sleep and watched a few movies. The plane did manage to make up about 75 minutes of time, but we still landed pretty late into Johannesburg.

The whole plane was notified that everyone transferring to Cape Town had already been scheduled for later flights that day. Apparently the JNB-CPT flights leave every 15-20 minutes, so this didn’t cause much of a delay for anyone.

Still immigration and rechecking our bags was a bit chaotic. They were understaffed and had a laid back attitude toward queue management. We made it through eventually, with enough time to grab refreshments at the SAA lounge and then board our flight to Cape Town.

Ryan shows his excitement for visiting all 7 continents!
Ryan shows his excitement for visiting all 7 continents!

The flight arrived early, and our bags were one of the first off the plane. Luckily, our transfer was still there to take us to our hotel. Along the way she recommended a few seafood places to eat at for dinner. We got to the hotel at 11:30 PM local or 5:30 PM EDT. It took us 28 hours door to door. The second longest of any of our journeys.

Tomorrow we explore the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point, and get to see African Penguins!

Total steps: 11,480 – includes Friday before we left DC and all the steps at various airports.

Total flights/planes: 3/2

Total Countries: 3 (US, Senegal, South Africa)

Total Continents: 2 (North American, Africa)


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