Oasis Day at Sea 2: The Search for Deck Chairs Continues

Location: North of the Bahama Islands

Today was the second Day at Sea of the Cruise, and like most sea days we set out with very little to accomplish and managed to get it all done.

After breakfast we went out onto the sundeck in search of a place to soak up the sun and relax. We weren’t able to get the prime spots on the fake beach like we did yesterday, but after a short search we did find a couple semi-secluded deck chairs on the upper deck. Unlike Tuesday, there was no noticeable wind so it was easy to relax up there. Unfortunately, because there was no wind it also got really hot up there too. We took a few breaks in the solarium pool to cool off, but largely succeed in tanning and blonding. For lunch we joined Harry and Abby in the Windjammer Cafe, then went back to the solarium to relax.

As usual, by mid-afternoon Rachel went to the casino and Ryan went to the gym.

This evening was formal night, so the entire group donned their finest threads and assembled for group photos, drinks, and an all you can eat lobster dinner. Harry won the contest by eating two and a half lobsters.

Ryan and Rachel on the boardwalk.
On the boardwalk.
Abby and Harry on the boardwalk.
Ryan with lobster tail #1. He ate 2 total.
Ryan with lobster tail #1. He ate 2 total.
Debbie and Becky
Debbie and Becky

Following dinner we saw the ship’s production stage show “Come Fly With Me”. It blended contemporary music numbers with dancing, acrobatics and some cirque style performances.



Tomorrow is the last full day of the cruise and another day at sea. We plan to spend it relaxing in the sun, and maybe scratching a few last items off our Oasis-to-do-list.

Total steps: 8,954


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