Beach Fun on the Oasis

Location: Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten

Yet another day in paradise. The ship docked at Sint Marteen this morning. This tiny island (Saint Martin) is split between two European powers, the north side (Atlantic) is a territory of France is called St. Martin, and the south side (Caribbean) is a Dutch territory and called Sint Maarten. The harbor is located on the Dutch side. This is a gorgeous island with no shortage of relaxing things to do, so naturally the ship empties out after docking. But we’ve been here before multiple times, and we wanted to take advantage of the empty ship to do some random things that we wouldn’t have a chance to do on the remaining at sea days simply because the ship is so crowded.

On our balcony.
On our balcony.

Early in the morning, Ryan made a few runs on the flow rider. He even managed to do a few intentional and unintential 360s. He had plenty of wipe outs, but also had a couple of more graceful walk off finishes to his trials. But the flow rider closed by 10:00 AM, so we went off to the beach.

Wipe out!
Wipe out!

The Oasis has a faux beach setting on the sun deck for one of its swimming pools. We were one of the few people to stay on baord and were able to get great deck chairs! We spent several hours here working on our tans (Rachel), burns and blonding (Ryan).

The Oasis 'beach'
The Oasis ‘beach’

Later in the afternoon, the sports deck reopened and Ryan went on the zip line twice.

The zip line.
The zip line.

Later in the evening he took more lessons on the flow rider. He learned that he is what is called a “goofy rider”, which means that his dominant leg is opposite the primary hand. After switching sides on the board, his skills and ability on the flow rider increased dramatically.


Tonight, the younger group went to the restaurant “Chops Grill”. The wait staff and host seemed to be very overwhelmed, but the steaks were great and we enjoyed our dinner. During dinner, Brandon continued his Vexillology quiz game with the ‘adults’ at the table.

Tomorrow is another day at sea. We’ll explore the ship some more, try to find a deck chair to work on our tans; and Rachel will probably go to the casino and Ryan will probably go to the gym and use the flow rider.

Total steps: 8,934

Total times the Deck 15 center-starboard automatic door closed on Ryan as he passed through today: 2


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