Oasis Day at Sea 1: The Search for Deckchairs

Location: North of the Bahamas en route to the Virgin Islands

Hooray for sea days! We didn’t have much to do on our list of things to do today and we are pleased to announce that we managed to complete most of them.

  1. Sleep in
  2. Work on our tanning (Rachel) and blonding (Ryan)
  3. Relax
  4. Eat
  5. Work out at Gym (Ryan)
  6. Eat Hibachi/sushi for lunch (Rachel, Harry, Harvey, Jo Ann, Abby, Brandon, Andy)
  7. Casino (Rachel)
  8. Flow Rider and zipline (Ryan)
  9. Eat at Giovanni’s Table with the rest of the group for a birthday dinner
  10. Avoid getting sunburned (only Rachel)
Tanning and blonding on the sun deck!
Tanning and blonding on the sun deck!

As you can read, it was a mostly successful day. The previous couple of days we lamented with others in the group that despite the ship having over 6,000 passengers, it didn’t feel crowded. In fact it felt more like a large outdoor hotel than a cruise ship. Some of that changed today, our first day at sea. With everyone on the same ship and no place else to go, things got a little crowded at the more popular activities. In the morning, we luckily found two deck chairs by a pool to work on our tanning and blonding. In the afternoon, Ryan attempted to go on the zip line and the flow rider, but the lines were too long. Ryan will try the flow rider again tomorrow when the lines are more reasonable.

The entire group had dinner at one of the many specialty restaurants on the ship, Giovanni’s Table, to officially celebrate Harry’s birthday. Fun, and wine, was had by all!

Harry blowing out the birthday candle.
Harry blowing out the birthday candle.

After dinner we went to the solarium to relax in the hot tub.

Tomorrow we make port in St. Thomas, where we will take an excursion to see the National Park of St. Johns.

Total steps: 10,102


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