Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Today was the first full day of the cruise and our first day in port. We had an abbreviated morning stop in Nassau. Unlike other cruise stops, we didn’t plan any tours for this location. Instead we took it easy and went for a self guided walking tour to a public beach.

We started off the tour with a larger group consisting of us, Harry and all of his friends. But after we made it off the ship, through the port and gauntlet of shops, we separated. One group (not us) went for a walking tour off the tourist path to see the Parliament building and a few other historic locations.

We (Rachel, Ryan, Harry and Abby) opted for a more indirect path to (any) beach and hoping for a free wifi hot spot open along the way. Eventually we made it to a beach along side the channel. We spent some time here getting our feet wet for a short time before making our way back to the ship. Ryan took advantage of the low prices and exotic stocks of rum available and picked up something to bring home.

At the beach.
At the beach.

Back aboard, we had lunch and went to the hot tub. Later, everyone but Ryan, Harvey and Harry went to the see the ships production show of Cats. Instead of being bored (Rachel edit: Ryan is writing this), Harry stayed in the hot tub, while Ryan took care of some work and later went to the gym. Rachel and everyone else really enjoyed Cats. It was a very entertaining production and the dancing and singing was incredible.

Tonight was also the first formal night of the cruise, The entire group got dressed up and assembled for pictures. We found a decent location for couples pictures, but will have to try again later in the week for the larger group formal photo because the line was too long. We stopped for drinks at a lounge before dinner.

Greg, Debbie, Leigh and Becky
Harvey and Jo Ann
Harvey and Jo Ann
Rockin' formal night!
Rockin’ formal night!

In the evening, Harry and his friends went to an 80s dance party, while we walked around the ship trying to take photos of the ship at night. But it was very windy on the sun deck, so we will try again later in the cruise.

Tomorrow is the first day at sea for the cruise. We plan to the take it easy tomorrow and try to relax. But we also expect do some of the more adventurous ship based activities too (well… Ryan will).

Total steps: 14,187



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