Returning to Spring From the Land of Hot Springs

Location: Reykjavik -> Maryland

Today was the most laid back day of our trip. We got to sleep in until about 830. We packed our bags then got breakfast. We spent the remainder of the morning in the hotel spa relaxing in the hot tubs. A very Icelandic thing to do. After a few hours relaxing in the hot water we boarded a bus to go to the airport.

We didn’t get to fly on the Hekla Aurora plane to get back home. But Ryan was really happy to see the overhead aisle lighting featuring the aurora lighting scheme. Even today we still got to the northern lights.


We had another pleasant surprise on the flight home. The plane took a more northerly flight path back to DC. So we flew over Greenland, and there was enough of a break in the clouds to give us a great view of its southeastern mountains and glaciers.



In the coming days we’ll prepare another post which features the highlights and totals from our trip, as well as the really good pictures from the SD card camera.

Total steps: 7434


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