Our 100th Post and The Year Ahead: 2015

2015 will be another great year of travel for us. Unlike previous years where we would take one large trip, this year we will go on three much shorter trips.

First up in March we head North beyond the Wall for a trip to Iceland. We’ll attempt to see a partial (>.99) solar eclipse, watch the northern lights, snorkel in the rift between continental plates, explore interesting geology. view and attempt to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull, and more!

In June, we are traveling with family and friends for a celebratory Eastern Caribbean cruise. We’ll visit the USVI, Bahamas, St Martin and Sint Marteen. Unlike most of our other trips, this one may actually be relaxing.

Lastly in the fall, we’ll visit our seventh and final continent: Africa. We’ll venture again below the equator to see southern Africa. First we’ll tour Cape Town, hike around the Cape of Good Hope, hang out with African Penguins, and maybe cage dive with great white sharks! Next we go on a safari near Kruger National Park to see the big five and follow it by seeing Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe.

africa trip map

This is also the 100th post of the blog. Over the last 3 years we’ve had over 6,700 views from people in 78 different countries across all inhabited continents, plus about 100 regular followers. Thanks for reading!

The adventure continues in a couple weeks.


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