Roman Numerals

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We’ve been back for over a week now and we are pleased to report that we are both back on east coast time and completely unpacked. And just like our last two mega-trips we’ve prepared a list of our favorite things and totals for the trip.

Our Top Five

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe traveled to so many new places on this trip, with no one location standing out as the pinnacle of the trip. So this was not an easy list to write.

  1. Vesuvius and Pompeii
  2. Dubrovnik
  3. Hagar Qim ruins in Malta
  4. Venice
  5. Colosseum at Night


  • By water: 2867 nmi + ~30 mi for small water craft
  • By air: 9010 mi
  • By rail: 345 mi
  • Steps (from fit bit):  257,771 steps (high 17,129; low 5,793; avg 11,717)
  • Walking: 105.8 mi
  • Total distance traveled: ~13,506 mi

For reference the circumference of the Earth is 24,901 mi


  • Total watercraft: 14 (1 cruise ship, 7 vaporettos, 1 gondola, 4 tenders, 1 argosy)
  • Total trains: 2
  • Total aircraft: 2


  • Total countries: 7 (US, Italy, Vatican City, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Malta)
  • Total continents: 3 (North America, Europe, Asia)
  • Total oceans: 1 (North Atlantic)
  • Total hemispheres: 2 (NW, NE)
  • Total time zones: 3 (EDT, CEST, EEST)
  • Highest Elevation: 8,000 ft (near the base of the cable car station at Mt Etna)
  • Lowest Elevation: Sea level
  • Farthest point north:  45°30’14” N (near Marco Polo Venice Airport)
  • Farthest point east:  29°4’25” E (Bosporus River in Istanbul Turkey)
  • Farthest point south:  35°49’12” N (Blue Grotto, Malta)


  • Total pictures taken by Leigh: 2,278
  • Total pictures taken by Barry: ~3500
  • Total pictures taken by us: 7,587
  • Total souvenir photos bought: 1
  • Total selfies (attempts): 63 (130)


  • Colloseum_nightTotal Places of Worship Toured: 15 (9 Churches, 7 Pagan Temples, 6 Synagogues, 3 Mosques). The totals reflect their current designation and the sites may have been devoted to something else in the past.
  • Total Places of Worship Seen: Too numerous to count
  • Total times Rachel got out of a hot tub without injuring herself (attempts): 12 (12)
  • Total cans of diet coke consumed on board the ship: 55
  • Total volcanoes climbed: 2
  • Total crew we recognized from previous cruises: 1
  • Total ugly Americans encountered: 3
  • Total malibu pina coladas consumed on board the ship: 5
  • Total towel animals awaiting Rachel’s parents in their stateroom after dinner: 6
  • Total towel animals awaiting us in our stateroom after dinner: 2 (despite having the same room attendants and tipping better after the first week)
The first of many selfies taken on our trip!
The first of many selfies taken on our trip!

This concludes our blog about our Awesome Mediterranean Odyssey. Join us again in a few months when we go on a short weekend trip to San Diego for our anniversary. For the first time since writing this blog we don’t have another mega trip in the queue. So far we’ve been to all four hemispheres, sailed on four oceans, and visited all but one continent. One wonders where our next adventure may take us.



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