Here Comes The Sun

Location: Middle of the Mediterranean, en route from Greece to Malta

The Atrium (mid-ship elevators)
The Atrium (mid-ship elevators)

Today was our only day at sea this vacation and the only day without any sort of tours or sightseeing. Our only goals were to: relax, tan and in Ryan’s case, blonde. We achieved all of these today.

In the morning we, Rachel’s parents, and the Barons booked a cruise for next July in the Caribbean.  This 7-day cruise is to celebrate Rachel’s brother, Harry’s 40th birthday.

Then we went outside to work on our tans. After the prime burning hours we went inside. Rachel went to the casino while Ryan took a nap.

Sun deck selfie.
Sun deck selfie.

In the evening we saw a production show titled, Remix. The show was an interesting mix of music genres and jumped around quite a lot.  Everything from jazz standards to Britney Spears and ‘Don’t Ya’ to the Beatles. It was an entertaining show, even if it was a little disjointed.

Tomorrow we dock in Valletta, Malta. The sixth and final original country of our trip. We are going on a tour of the island.

Total steps: 5,793


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