It’s All Greek To Me


Location: Athens, Greece

Very early this morning we docked in Athens, Greece, which has one of the busiest harbours in the world. Greece has the world’s largest merchant fleet and is responsible for about 20% of all shipping. We however we here to visit the acropolis.

We woke up early this morning to tour the ancient ruins. We were only joined by the dental cats for this tour. Our guide, Sofia had a wealth of knowledge on Greek history and current affairs. Sadly due to the poor audio, and monotone delivery we had trouble taking it all in. Our first stop of the tour was the Panathinaiko Stadium. This was the location of the first modern olympic games in 1896. We didn’t have much time here, so we only took photos.

Next we drove by the ruins of Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Zeus. We didn’t get any good pictures from the bus. But we got a great shot from the hill later in the day.


The highlight of the tour came when we went up a tall hill to see the Acropolis and the Parthenon. It was crowded and a steep climb over slippery marble but more than worth the effort. In addition to the Greek ruins (circa 5th Century BCE) there were ruins of a theatre from the Roman era (2nd century CE).

The Parthenon
The Parthenon




The tour finished with a panoramic city tour of some of the modern governmental buildings, such the Parliament, Presidents office, Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the old King’s Palace.  We even manged to drive by during the changing of the guard.

Back on the ship we relaxed in the hot tub and solarium.

Tonight was the first formal night of the new cruise. While we’ve joked in previous entries about classing the ship up with our formal attire, we never meant it seriously since nearly everyone else dressed up. Tonight however we mean it. Ryan, Leigh, Barry, and Bob actually did class up the ship in tuxes and suits. Most of the other passengers had a DILLIGAF approach to the dress code and few bothered to even wear an ironed shirt much less a jacket. No matter what, we still looked good!

This marks the end of the Greek portion of our trip. Tomorrow is our only “sea day” of the trip. We are looking forward to our day to relax.

Total Steps: 10,897

Total times Rachel got out of a hot tub without  injuring herself: 10/10



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