The Winds of Mykonos


Location: Mykonos, Greece

Today we made it back to Greece and the European Union. The ship dropped anchor near the Greek isle of Mykonos. This is another sparsely vegetated island with picturesque white houses with occasionally blue roofs. Both Santorini and Mykonos were laid out in a manner to protect the residents from  pirates. Since Mykonos lacks the tall cliffs of Santorini, it arranged its roads and sidewalks in a maze-like fashion to have tight corners and cul-de-sacs to create confusion and kill zones to trap the attacking pirates. Today it’s used to trap tourists. =)

We didn’t have any planned tours at Mykonos, and we arrived after noon so we made today an easy day and slept in. It was very windy today, which meant that the surf would be rough and tendering would take longer than normal. Since we had nothing planned today the delay didn’t bother us and we relaxed on the relatively empty sundeck.

View from the ship.

View from the ship.

Later in the day we made it to the island. We did the obligatory things to do in Mykonos. Our first stop was visiting the windmills. It was very windy there, and we got sand and dirt blasted. But it wasn’t that bad. Later Ryan got a late lunch, and unlocked the “Eat an authentic gyro in Greece” achievement. Following that, we bought magnets and went down to the beach.

The Windmills
The Windmills



Ryan putting his feet into the Mediteranean.
Ryan putting his feet into the Mediterranean.

We didn’t get a chance to see the iconic pelicans of  the island. Most other passengers had troubled finding them too.

Tomorrow we make port near Athens, Greece where we’ll visit more Greco ruins including the Acropolis.

Steps taken: 10,557

Number of times Rachel got out of the hot tub without injuring herself: 9 (out of 9 attempts)

Ugly Americans encountered: 3

Another selfie... we are getting good at these.
Another selfie… we are getting good at these.

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