King’s Landing


Location: Dubrovnick, Croatia (King’s Landing, Westoros)

We visited our third country of the trip today, Croatia. Our port of call was Dubrovnik, a world heritage site, and historic city known for it role in arts and commerce. It was once an independent neutral merchant republic and a perpetual rival to Venice. But most Americans now know it as King’s Landing because Game of Thrones is filmed here.

Early this morning we herded the cats off the ship to go on our excursion, Dubrovnik City Tour by Boat and walking tour of the Old City. Our ride into town was on a modern replica of a medium three masted merchant ship of the Dubrovnik design. To us, it looked like a pirate ship. After some picture taking we boarded the ship and made way toward Old City Dubrovnik.

Our ride.
Our ride.
Leigh and Barry being well... themselves.
Leigh and Barry being well… themselves.

The seas and winds were tough, so it wasn’t a smooth trip. Our guide distracted us by telling us about Dubrovnik history, pointing out monuments and interesting sites, and showing us where certain scenes in Game of Thrones were filmed. Interestingly enough, we were the only two fans on the ship out of over fifty  passengers (the two would be us). But he still pointed out things for us.


Our first viwew of King's Landing.
Our first viwew of King’s Landing.
The port of the old city.
The port of the old city.

We disembarked at the port in old town. There we learned that the seas were too rough for the return trip. Instead we would have 45 min extra in town to explore and would take a charter bus back to the ship.

Our guide gave us a great walking tour of the city. We saw the Rector’s Palace, the Cathedral, several monuments and the world’s first public orphanage. Along the we learned more about the city and its history and saw a few more places were Game of Thrones were filmed.


We went up the city walls during the free time portion of the trip. We got some great views of the city and the areas which served as the basis for Blackwater Bay and the Red Keep.


The Red Keep and Blackwater Bay
The Red Keep and Blackwater Bay



All too soon our day was over and we had to go back to the ship. It was a shame too, we could have spent so much more time in the area. We’ll have to come back some day.

As we pulled out of the port Rachel took some great pictures of the city from the ship. She also took some pictures of the storms and sundown on the other side of the ship.




One last look at King's Landing.
One last look at King’s Landing.

Speaking of which, here’s another picture from last night’s thunderstorm that were taken after we posted.


Tomorrow we make port in Corfu, Greece.

Total Steps Taken: 11,213

Total times Rachel successfully got out of the hot tub without hurting herself: 2 (out of 2 tries)


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