Celebrity Equinox or Storms of Venice

Location: Venice

Today was our last day in Venice and our first day aboard the Celebrity Equinox. We got to sleep in later today than we had on any other day this trip (8:30), and three hours later we departed the hotel for the cruise terminal. We had a van transfer from our land based hotel to the island based cruise terminal. It was a pretty mundane trip for us. However other passengers who came from the island had much longer and more *interesting* means of making it to the terminal. It usually involved shlepting bags over long distances. But again, we had it easy.

Checking into the cruise ship was easy enough and only took a few minutes from drop-off to getting our keys. Rachel’s father, Leigh, always wanted to be the first onto a cruise ship and is usually the one marshalling the group quickly through the process and onto the ship. This trip was a little different though. We we ran into their cruising buddies at check-in it devolved into a friends get-together, with everyone trying to figure out dinner, and drink packages before getting onto the ship. We went from having a well coordinated plan of attack to a loosely coached group of 6-year old soccer (ameoba ball) players. Eventually we herded the cats onto the ship.

Venice seen from the ship

After the usual boarding day activities the ship prepared to leave port. Tugs moved the Equinox out of berth and through the Giudecca Canal. This was similar to what we saw with another ship yesterday. Fortunatly our staterooms were on the correct (port) of the ship to see the city and its more important monuments on the way out. At the same time a storm approached from the northwest, annoucing itself with a beautiful large shelf cloud. We were barely into the Giudecca when it overtook us, luckily the rain was still a ways off. Rachel manged to take these great photos has we left Venezia.

Shelf cloud
Storm clouds over Venice


She spent much of the rest of the evening getting lightning pictures. 



Tommorw we dock in Dubrovnik, Croatia and explore the city. Dubrovnik is a world hertiage city with a rich culture and vibrant history but it’s best known in the US as King’s Landing capitol of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros from Game of Thrones.

Total Steps:  ~8,000 (fitbit not syncing right now)


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