Planes, Trains, and Vaporettos


Location: Rome/Venice

Today was our last day in Rome for at least two weeks. We packed last night, so all we had to do in the morning was get breakfast and take the shuttle to the airport to meet Rachel’s parents. Things went smoothly there. Unfortunately, that’s where it stopped going to plan. Her parents flight landed 40 minutes late because of weather in DC. They barely made it in time to meet up with us at the airport train station to catch our first train. This train wound up being delayed because apparently European Trains are not allowed to arrive on time. So we only had 6 minutes to transfer to another train at Roma Tiburtina, all while schlepping 7 bags. The architects of this modern train station based their design on the fabled labrynth of the minotaur, only with 3 levels of escalators! True story. The train was off the brakes when we arrived, luckily they stopped for us and our bags. Aside from some clever carry on storage managements, the rest of the 3.5 hour trip went by without incident.

By mid-afternoon we arrived at our hotel near Marco Polo airport. In the late afternoon we all went into Venice proper. We bought our tickets and sailed on the vaporetto around the SW side of the island to Piazza San Marco. We walked around a bit, took some pictures and oriented ourselves to the more popular part of the city.

Santa Maria della Salute
Santa Maria della Salute
Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Sighs
Doge's Palace
Doge’s Palace
Doge's Palace - will neat patterns of sunlight
Doge’s Palace – will neat patterns of sunlight
Saint Mark's Basilica
Saint Mark’s Basilica

Afterwards we took another vaporetto up the Grand Canal, sailing under the Rialto Bridge. Soon thereafter we enjoyed some gelato and took a bus back to the hotel.






Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge
Rachel's parents enjoying some gelato after a long day.
Rachel’s parents enjoying some gelato after a long day.

Tomorrow we tour Venice and its many museums and attractions.

Total steps taken (fitbit): 9,331

Total trains taken: 2

Total transport vans taken: 2

Total Vaporettos taken: 2

Total buses taken: 2

Total time we got lost in Venice today: 1

Incidentally this is the norhernmost point (on the earth’s surface) on our Mediterranean trip, or any other trip we’ve taken together hitting 45.5N. This is not the northernmost surface point for either of us individually.


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