The Odyssey Begins

Location: Sterling, VA

We didn’t wait too long between big trips this time around. Our destination is the Mediterranean. We start off with five days in Rome and then we meet up with Rachel’s parents and spend two days in Venice. We board the Celebrity Equinox in Venice and sail around the Mediterranean for two weeks travelling to Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Malta and back to Italy. We will visit two continents (Europe and Asia) taking us further east than we’ve ever been before.

Med map

Just like the previous trips, we are getting out of town just before a major weather event (honeymoon-Sandy, Antarctica-blizzard). Right now Hurricane Arthur is beating down the mid-Atlantic coast. It should make for some interesting flight paths as we fly north and east.  If there is anything good to see from the air, Rachel will get a photo of it.

One downside to this trip is that we will not be travelling below the equator, so we won’t get to see penguins in the wild. 😦 But on the plus side, we only had to pack for one season… summer!

We are presently waiting in the United Lounge at Dulles to board our flight to Rome. We have a long flight ahead of us.

Tomorrow we land in Rome. In the evening we take a tour of the Colosseum at night.

Today’s weather: Mostly Sunny, High 82F Low 64F


And just for fun… here is a cute picture of a penguin from our Antarctica trip.  🙂




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