Cold Hard Numbers

We had a great trip to South America and the bottom of the world. Similar to the honeymoon, we’ve prepared a summary of the highlights and interesting facts of the trip.P1000027


  1. Volunteer Point Beach Penguin Rookery
  2. Schollaert Channel, Antarctica
  3. Ushuaia and nearby penguins
  4. Beagle Channel Glaciers
  5. Elephant Island, Antarctica


  • By water: 4580 nmi
  • By air: 12439 mi
  • By car: Approx 500 mi
  • Total distance traveled: ~18,000 mi

For reference the circumference of the Earth is 24,901 mi



Penguins near Ushuaia
Penguins near Ushuaia
  • Total watercraft traveled upon: 1 ship, 2 tenders and 1 catamaran
  • Total aircraft: 4 jets
  • Total hotels: 2
  • Travel Agents: Pam Muchnick (Journeys Unlimited)


Elephant Island
Elephant Island
  • Total US States: 3 (Maryland, Virginia, Texas)
  • Total Countries: 6 (US, Brazil, Argentina, Falkland Islands (UK), Chile, Uruguay)
  • Total Continents: 3 (North America, South America, Antarctica)
  • Total Oceans: 3 (North and South Atlantic, South Pacific, Southern)
  • Total Hemispheres: 2 (NW, SW)
  • Total Time Zones: 5 (EST, BRT/UYST, ART/AQ-Rothera, FKST/CLST, CST)
  • Highest Elevation: 2,300 ft (Corcovado, Brazil)
  • Lowest Elevation: Sea Level (pretty much everywhere else)
  • Farthest Point South: Paradise Bay, Antarctica (64°51’18.8″S 62°56’27.1″W)
  • Farthest Point East: Rio de Janeiro/Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (22°48′36″S 43°15′02″W) 


  • Total Pictures Taken: 4,325
  • Total Short Videos Captured: 64
  • Total souvenir photos bought: 5


  • Total Penguin Species Observed: 4 (King, Gentoo, Magellanic, Chinstrap)
  • Total Cetaceans: 2, (Sperm Whale and Orca)
  • Total Pinnipeds: 3 (South American Sea Lion, Antarctic Fur Seal, South American Fur Seal)
  • Total Primates: 2 (humans and marmosets)
  • Pterodactyls or frigatebirds: 1


Click to see a larger image.
Click to see a larger image.
  • Highest Temperature we experienced: 99°F
  • Lowest Temperature we experienced: 24°F
  • Highest Temperature in DC during our trip: 64°F
  • Lowest Temperature in DC during our trip: 15°F
  • Roughest Surf: 14 ft
  • Strongest Wind Gust: 65 kts
  • Inches of Snow We Had Outside the US: 4″
  • Inches of Snow DC had While We Were Outside the US: 17.8″


Damage done by refueling ship (right - damaged, left - not damaged)
Damage done by refueling ship (right – damaged, left – not damaged)
  • Total Crew We Recognized from the Honeymoon Cruise: 4
  • Total Ugly Americans Encountered: 1
  • Total Royal Flushes at a Table Game: 2
  • Odds of Getting a Royal Flush in 7 Card Poker: 1 in 30,941
  • Total Snowball fights: 1
  • Total Diet Cokes Drank on Board: 59 Cans
  • Total Collisions with a Refueling Ship: 1
  • Total Tenders Abandoned in the Falklands Because the Aforementioned Collision Jacked up the Davit: 1
  • Total people who thought we were on our honeymoon: 3

This concludes our blog about the “Just Super Awesome Trip”. Join us again in a few months “Awesome Mediterranean Odyssey” when we go on a three week trip to Italy, Greece, Turkey, and more! We’ll have more details to follow in the coming weeks.

Med Collage


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