Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Today was our last day on the Infinity and also the day we toured a new city in a new country: Montevideo. We had a late excursion so we slept in and spent most of the morning on the sundeck. In the afternoon we went on a guided bus tour of Montevideo.

We saw the many highlights and monuments of the city including Independence and Constitution Plazas, the Presidential executive office building, and Parliament. We also passed by the Presidential Palace, however the current President still lives at his own house out of a sense of modesty. He chooses to live a modest life to maintain his roots.

Independence Plaza
Independence Plaza
In front of the Parliament building.

We passed by the Solis Theatre which is the oldest theater in South America, and the football stadium that hosted the first World Cup. Our tour guide felt very optimistic about Uruguay’s chances at this summer’s games; a sentiment not sharred by our Argentine Cruise Director. The tour also took us past several monuments where we had an opportunity to get off the bus and take pictures. Rachel found some birds to take pictures of when done with the monuments.

A monument to the early pioneers.
This is a.... some type of bird we will look up later when we are not paying $0.50 a minute for internet.

On the drive back, we drove along the beach promenade and saw plenty of expensive hotels and condos along the beach. We arrived back on the ship shortly before departure. In the evening we packed our bags for the last time this trip. It went much easier than expected.

Tomorrow we disembark from the Infinity in Buenos Aires. We booked an excursion through the ship that will give us a city highlight tour before dropping us off at the airport. In the evening we fly back home.

Today’s Weather: Partly Cloudy, High 75F, Low 63F
Sunrise: 7:32AM, Sunset 8:22PM 


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