Day at Sea III: Return of the Sunburn

Location: About 150 nmi off the coast of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Today was our final day at sea, and the most temperate one we’ve seen in over a week. The sea was very flat and the winds were gentle. Sadly the sun didn’t peek through the clouds much. Today Rachel went to the casino and Ryan atteneded a couple lectures and then took a nap… on the sundeck. Rachel joined him for a little while. Even though it was cloudy, Ryan still managed to get sunburned.

In the evening the ship put on the Cirque show “The Man From Mars”. It’s difficult to describe… part comedy, part acrobatics… but all awesome!

Tomorrow we make port in Montevideo, Uruguay and take a city tour. We don’t know what to expect, but we keep hearing great things about the city.

Today’s Weather: Partly Sunny, High 72F, Low 59F
Sea Temperature: 50F
Sunrise 7:12, Sunset 8:20
People who thought we were on our honeymoon: 1


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