Yet Another Day at Sea

Location: As of 10AM ship time 47 39’S 54 53’W, heading north, several hundred miles off the coast of Santa Cruz and Chubut Provinces, Argentina

Today was another easy day at sea. Thankfully the surf has calmed down to 3-5 ft waves, which came as great relief to many passenegers stomachs. It was mostly sunny today but still too cold and windy to relax by the pool. As usual, Ryan attneded a few letures and took a nap. Rachel went to the casino and made out well with another royal flush at a table game!

Tonight was the last formal night of the cruise. Ryan donned his penguin suit yet again. Judging from the pictures below, has Ryan figured out how to do his penguin walk properly?



We also saw a stage production show tonight, ‘iBroadway’, with the cruise ship singers and dancers. We saw another version of this show on the Honeymoon cruise. Tonight’s was the more impressive show. Lastly it was also lobster night at dinner. The lobsters were so big we didn’t ask for a second one, which is unusual!

Tomorrow is our last sea day and our last good chance to tan and blond during the trip. In keeping with our Lord of the Rings theme, we plan to call it “Day at Sea III: The Return of the Sunburn”.

Today’s weather: Mostly sunny, High 61F, Low 48F
Sea Temperature: 50F
Sunrise 7:12AM, Sunset 8:20PM


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