Rounding the Horn

Location: Cape Horn

We woke up early again today to watch the ship round Cape Horn from 6-8AM. The ship is circumnavigating the horn clockwise. Most captains however prefer to go around counter clockwise. This worked out in our favor. We are on the starboard side of the ship so this means that we could watch the island from our stateroom. We are also fortunate that the seas and winds are pretty calm today.

Rounding Cape Horn
The southern most lighthouse in the world. And the sun came out for a few minutes.
Albatross statue - memorial to those lost rounding the Horn.

On the pacific side of the island we saw an albotorss flying by the ship. Very fitting.

After rounding the horn, we began our journey south through the Drake Passage towards Antarctica.

This mornings weather: partly sunny and about 40F. Sunrise: 6:39AM

Another chilly and early morning. Rounding Cape Horn.

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