Beagle Channel Glaciers

Location: Beagle Channel

Today we cruised along the Beagle Channel and were able to see a many unique glaciers and fjords. This was the first time either of us saw glaciers and we were not dissapointed. Around 11:00 the ship passed into the Chilean western side of the channel and we began to see a series of glaciers. We saw five major glaciers: Hollanda, Italia, Francia, Romanche and Espana. They were named for the ship (Romanche) and the nationalities of the scientists aboard who discovered (at least from a European perspective) the glaciers.

We began looking at the glaciers on the top deck of the ship. Sadly the weather didn’t cooperate with strong 45+ knot winds and wintery mix showers. Fortunately for us though, the lack of sunshine worked in our favor bringing out the blue color of the glaciers. We sought shelter from the wind at the aft of the ship and saw the first two glaciers and a rainbow from there. However due to the strong winds the crew cleared the upper decks. So we viewed the rest of the channel glaciers from the balcony of our stateroom. Below are a sample of pictures Rachel took.

The strong winds blowing the rain/sleet around made it nearly impossible to keep the lens dry. But the rainbow can still clearly be seen.
Romanche glacier (we think)
Francia glacier

The ship turned around near the end of the channel to allow those on the other side of the ship to see the glaciers from their staterooms. It was about this time that the weather improved and the sun came out. In the afternoon, Ryan took a nap and some pictures of the others side of the channel while Rachel went to the casino. Sometime around 10:00 PM the ship docked in Ushuaia.


That is a smaller cruise ship on the right.

Tomorrow we wake up way too early in the morning to take a catamaran along the channel to see a Magellanic Penguin colony and possibly other sea mammals. We will also visit the Light House at the End of the World.

Today’s Weather: wintery mix showers before 2PM, partly sunny after 2PM, 45+ knot winds, High 48F (at least thats what we were told) with a very cold wind chill, Low 37F
Sunrise 6:03 AM, Sunset 8:41 PM


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