Furious Fifties Continued

Location: Travelling between the Falklands and Tierra del Fuego

Today was mostly a day of uncertainty. The ship didn’t finish its repairs and depart from Port Stanley until 4AM this morning. No one knew or was willing to say where we going or if we would make it to Antartica until the Captain made his morning announcement. What we did know was that the navigation channel on the TV had us moving south, wither towards Grahamland, Antactica or Ushuaia. 10:00 came and went without any annoucement. However the lecture series still disscussed Antarctica. Ryan attended the lectures, Rachel went to the casino. After the lecture Ryan came back to the cabin and saw some wandering albatorsses flying along the ship. These are the largest sea birds in the world, with bodies of up to 4 ft and awingspan of 11 ft.


By midday, the navgiation made it more clear that we were not headed to Antarctica and instead toward the Tiera del Fuego. Around noon, the Captain made his daily announcement: for the second time this cruise we were going to have an itinerary change. Tomorrow we sail along the Beagle Channel and see glaciers during the day and dock in Ushuaia at night to avoid the storm to our south. We spend the next day there. Following that we resume our originally planned Antarctic voyage (albeit on different days) including a visit to Elephant Island back on the agenda. However we lose Puerto Madryn (and the Punto Tumbo penguin rookery excursion), boo!, and the new Uruguay stop. But this trip is really about Antarctica, so overall it’s a huge net positive!

Later in the day Rachel went to the casino, while Ryan went to more lectures and took a nap. Before dinner the ship sailed by Cabo San Juan on Isla delos Estados (Staten Island), the eastern most point in southern South America. In the evening we saw a Micheal Jackson tribute production show.

We are in a region called the “Furious Fifties”, which is between 50S and 60S and is known for even worse winds than the “Roaring Fourties”. We are also in a region with limited coverage by the equatorial geostationary telecommunications and television satelittes, as a result the internet (and television) service on the ship is spotty.

Tomorrow we will cruise along the Beagle Channel in Argentina and Chile. We’ll pop over to the Chilean side a see a few glaciers and see a limited selection of the famous Chilean Fjords. At 10:00 pm we dock at Ushuaia.

Today’s Weather: Partly Cloudy, High 53F (wind chill 45F – maybe colder), Low 43F

Below is a bonus penguin picture from our day in the Falkland Islands!



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