Day at Sea II: The Two Sunburns

Location: 48.04S 57.16W as of 9 PM ship time (Off the coast of south central Argentina and north of Falkland Islands)

A dark and fercocious storm approaches. Saurumon assembles his dark forces: 60+ knot (70mph) winds and 11+ meter (30ft) are scheduled to slam the Drake Passageon Friday. The ship’s Captain doesn’t plan to be anywhere near that mess, and we certainly agree. More on this later in this post.

This morning we awoke to thick fog. So our planned morning whale watching was practicly impossible. Instead we spent time in the outdoor jacuzzis and relaxed. Despite the suppposed cooler temperatures it was still very pleasant. And despite the fog, Ryan still got sunburned. The fog was so thick that the ship had to blow its foghorn frequently; every 123 seconds.Yes we timed it, it went on for many hours.

Just a little foggy...
Where did the front of the ship go?!?

We learned before lunch that the weather is forcing an itinerary change. The short version is that the dates and order of our ports are changing. We will no longer be able to visit Elephant Island, Antartica. Instead they have added a stop towards the end of our voyage in Punte Del Este, Uruguary. Not exactly a net positive, but at least we will still be able to see the Antarctic Peninsula. On the plus side, the change in intenerary means that we will see penguins a day early tomorrow, and that our ability to make land in the Falklands is more guaranteed.

By midday the fog had burned off and we were treated to a sunny day. We tried to whale watch, but only managed to spot some small sea birds. Following this Ryan went to the pool to swim, tan and blond. Rachel went to the casino.

This evening’s show was the talented “Hector is Magic”. We enjoyed the show greatly. Following the show was a 4 min video where the Captain explained why the itinerary had to change and why Elephant Island had to be cut. He showed the weather maps and made everything much more understandable than the letter they sent out earlier. Basically, there is a large low pressure system causing extreme weather (high winds=large waves) near the Drake Passage.  This ship was not built to deal with 30+ foot waves.

Tomorrow we anchor at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands and visit a King Penguin Colony!

Today’s Weather: Heavy fog in the AM, Sunny in PM, High 62F (felt more like upper 70s on the sundeck), low 53F
New crew members we recognized from the honeymoon cruise: 1 (total of 4)

Another cute towel animal!

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