Day at Sea I: The FellowSHIP of the Sunburn

Location: 39.13S 56.18W (as of 8PM ship time), or heading south about 80mi off the Buenos Aires Province Coast

After breakfast, Ryan enjoyed a lecture on penguins while Rachel relaxed on the sundeck. Ryan joined her after the lecture, becuase today was expceted to be the last good tanning and swimming day for over a week.

After lunch, the ship hosted the guest olympic pool games. There were two teams of 8 people: USA and the rest of the world. It was arranged this way because allegedly the ship is 50% American and 50% everyone else. Anectodotal evidence however does not support this, as we mostly see older Australians on the ship. Ryan was one of the first volunteers for team USA while Rachel intended to take photos. But due to a lack of interest by Americans to show up to the sundeck, let alone participate, she too joined Team America. The “rest of the world had 6 of 8 people in their 20’s and 30’s, and the other two were fit 50-somethings. Our team had us, another couple from Seattle (one of whom was pregnant) and four older American sized guests. Did we mention that the cruise director was Argentine and was not shy of showing bias?

The opening ceremony had both teams marching around the pools to theme music. We marched to “Born in the USA” by the Boss. The rest of the world came in to “We are the World” by USA for Africa. The irony was not lost on our team.

The first event was bean-bag tossing (cornhole). Ryan scored all of Team USA’s one point in the first round and Rachel won the tie breaker for us; giving USA a 1-0 lead. The second event was syncronized swimming. We went first, and with all of five minutes of preparation, the best we could come up with dancing to YMCA. And we weren’t very good at it. Team “everyone else” had a masterfully choreographed dance featuring swan dives, lifting the woman on their team out of the water, and I think at some point the french foriegn legion did a fly over of the ship with colored jet trails. …and the cruise director pointed out before the vote that since the games had three rounds, Team “not america” had to win this round so that we could have third round. When it came time to vote, Team USA recieved the cheer from the only American on the sun deck. The young people on our team however did chant ” U! S! A!” very loud.

Round three was a relay race in the larger pool with a large water raft. One person jumps in the raft, goes to one wall and back, then is joined by another teammate. This is repeated until all eight have done a lap together. Team everyone else went first and got a time of 4:24. We strategized and learned from their mistakes and managed to get 4:30.  Sadly, we lost, but America did get the silver steel medal. It was all in great fun and the last round was decent exercise.


After the olympics Ryan was lame and went to a lecture on using Google Earth to tracks the ships path on this voyage. Rachel instead went down to the casino and got a royal flush at a table game (in other words… she won big!)

This evening was our first formal night of the cruise, so Rachel got dressed up and Ryan donned his penguin suit. We had our formal photos taken, had dinner in the main dining room. To finish the night we saw a stage show with the ship’s singers and dancers.

Tomorrow is Day at Sea II: The Two Sunburns. It’s another easy day on the ship with a strong potential for whale watching as we pass below 40S and enter what is known as “The Roaring Fourties” (because it tends to be windy).

Today’s Weather: Partly Cloudy, High 72F (we think it was closer to 80) Low 63F
Crew we recognized from the Honeymoon cruise: 3

The cute towel animal our room tonight.

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