Gaucho Ranch

Location: Buenos Aires

Today we did another full day organized tour. We woke up early and went to a Gaucho (Argentine Cowboy) Ranch about an hour north of the city. Most of the other guests on the bus were from Australia, and not surprisingly are also going on the same cruise as us tomorrow.

At the ranch wewere greeted with juice and empanadas, the latter being some of the best we ever had.  Our first destination was a horse driven wagon ride. It lasted about 5 minutes and went over a bumpy dirt field. Rachel noticed the raptors flying nearby. Ryan was the first to notice the swarm of large mosquitos overtaking us. Ironically, we applied bugspray on every day of this trip except for today. Big mistake. During the wagon ride we were bitten more times than we could count.

The mosquito pit...
The mosquito pit…

After the wagon ride we got in line for a horse back ride. We left the line after we saw the first group ride through the same mosquito infested mud field. We spent the rest of the morning taking pictures of the birds of the ranch and enjoying the beauty of the area. We even saw a halo rainbow.


Halo rainbow

The second half of the day was spent enjoying a long and largefamily style steak lunch and chatting with the Aussies. After the lunch we were treated to a Tango dance show and Argentine folk music. Following that we went back outside to see the gauchos’ Demonstrate their horse corralling skills.


Today also marks the end of the second portion of our trip. Tomorrow we board the Celebrity Infinity and begin our cruise to Antarctica.

Today’s Weather: Partly cloudy, High 73F Low 63F

Mosquito bites: too numerous to count



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