Flying Further South for the Winter

Location: Rio de Janerio, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today was another easy and lazy day. We only had two things on the agenda: tan beside the pool in Rio and fly to Buenos Aires in the evening. We succeeded at both.

In the morning, we sat by and swam in the pool. Rachel tanned some more, while Ryan sort of avoided getting redder. But he was much more sucessful at losing color in his hair.

Magnificent Figatebird - large sea birds that didn't want to fly close enough to our hotel for a good picture.
Magnificent Frigatebird – large sea birds that didn’t want to fly close enough to our hotel for a good picture.
View of Corcovoda from the hotel rooftop pool.
View of Corcovoda from the hotel rooftop pool.

In the afternoon we went to the airport and flew to Buenos Aires. It was a full flight on a 777, full of famlies from different countries. They didn’t have two avalible seats next to each other on the flight so we sat 17 rows apart on different sides of the aircraft. But at least they were aisle seats. Aside from the numerous babies and children screaming and crying in various languages it was generally uneventful. On the plus side, we were served dinner and had on demand in-flight entertainment.

Customs in Argentina was very chaotic. A sizable group of older Japanese tourists made a run for the passport control gates. They had no problem with knocking over other passengers or pushing the ropes and pylons to the ground so that they could get through faster. Oddly enough, the Argentine officials didn’t do anything to stop them. The rest of us stood back amazed at the behavior. Leaving the baggage claim and customs went about the same way.

After clearing customs we met out transfer and made our way to the hotel. Upon arrival we learned that they upgraded us to a suite. The room is huge!

Tomorrow we celebrate Valentine’s Day together for the first time, explore BA and see a Tango show and steak dinner in the evening.

Todays Weather: Rio: Mostly Sunny High 99F (feels like 104F) Low 77F. BA: Mostly Cloudy High 79F Low 52F

Pictures taken so far: 500


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