What a Difference 62 Degrees Makes

Location: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio

Last night we boarded our first flight of the trip from DC to South America. It was a very comfortable and uneventful flight and after about 10 hours, 5000 miles and 62 degrees of latitude we landed in South America. This was Rachel’s first trip to South America. We had a short stop in Sao Paulo, before reboarding the plane. The temperature difference betwen Brazil and the mid-Atlantic was abrupt and well needed. It was 90F at the airport, or roughly 62 degrees warmer than where took off from.

A mechanical delay kept us in Sao Paulo an extra 90 minutes, but soon enough we were back in the air for a quick flight to Rio.

Flying into Rio
Flying into Rio

We passed through customs easily enough and took a transfer from the airport to our hotel. Along the way we spotted some sea birds that resembled the pteradactyl we saw in American Samoa.

The rest of the day was spent at the hotel pool, working on our base burns and realxing after a long journey south.

View of Copacabana Beach from our hotel.
View of Copacabana Beach from our hotel.

Tommorrow is a long day where we have a city tour, seeing Sugarloaf Mountain and the Christ statue.

Today’s weather: Mostly sunny High 93F (Feels like 97F) Low 75F


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