Flying South in the Winter

And so it begins…

This winter (especially January) has been a cold one and we are looking forward to spending some time in the sun, so we are going south… very south!

Tonight, we fly to Rio de Janerio to begin the “Just Super Awesome Trip!”  The trip also takes us to Buenos Aires and then onto a cruise to various locations in South America and Antarctica (see…very south!)!  Obviously, we are very excited to be going on this trip since we have been planning it for almost 2 years, in fact we originally booked the Antarctic cruise before we went on our honeymoon (the “Super Awesome Mega Trip”) in Oct/Nov/Dec of 2012.

We were a little nervous over a week ago that the weather wouldn’t cooperate for the flight tonight. Some irresponsible person put up a flawed weather map calling for 3 feet of snow today. We did get some snow, but it was only a dusting.  So we have to thank Harry (Rachel’s brother) for using his weather-god connections to not have a massive snow storm today, we really appreciate it!!

Now all we can do is wait for our flight (and then be on the plane for 12+ hours).  Luckily, with Ryan’s “grand poobah” status with United, we get to wait in the United Club and enjoy a few free drinks and snacks.  Oh… and Ryan was able to score first class seats on this flight, so we will be enjoying free drinks on the flight too!

Free wine and snacks!
Free wine and snacks!

In about an hour we board the plane, and should arrive in about 14 hours.

Todays weather: High 31F low 23F with passing snow showers


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