First Anniversary Get-Away

The Just Super Awesome Trip to Antarctica may be 120 days away, but in the meantime we have an anniversary to celebrate and places to visit on our native continent. To celebrate our first anniversary we decided to fly into Las Vegas to visit some national and state parks. Our original plan was to visit Bryce Canyon, Zion and Death Valley, but congress had a different idea and shut down the government and with it all of the national parks. Alternately we would visit Cathedral Gorge and Valley of Fire Nevada State Parks and Snow Canyon Sate Park in Utah. Luckily (sort of) we learned this morning Utah worked out an agreement with the Department of the Interior to open the Utah National Parks on the states dime, so we will end op doing a combination of both options.

This afternoon we traveled through a Nor’easter to get to the airport. Traffic was predictably slow and we saw a bunch of accidents but we made it safely to the airport. Our first flight went from BWI to Denver. Along the way, Rachel spotted a thunderstorm and snapped some excellent pictures of cloud to cloud lightning.


We had a short layover in Denver and boarded a short but entertaining flight to Las Vegas. Getting from the plane our luggage to the rental car lot was an adventure unto itself, but it was worth the aggravation. We were upgrade from an economy class car to a convertible!

Tomorrow, after some needed sleep, we plan to visit Cathedral Gorge State Park, and probably visit Valley of Fire in the evening to get some great star trail photos.

Anniversary word drops: 2


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