Flights are Booked. Only 328 Days to Go!

We’ve been back from our honeymoon for 104 days and we are almost 75% unpacked from the trip!  (and in that time Ryan has taken a few naps and gone to the gym and Rachel went to a casino or 2….)

And tonight we finalized the structure of “The Just Super Awesome Trip“!!  (it’s not considered a ‘mega’ trip because it’s only three weeks long and only involves traveling to 2 continents)

The plan is to fly into Rio de Janeiro and stay and explore it for a few days. Then we fly to Buenos Aires and explore it for a few days, before boarding the Celebrity Infinity for our cruise to Antarctica.

antarctica trip map

Here is a summary of the trip:

Feb 10-13: Rio
Feb 13-16: BA
Feb 20: Ushuaia, Argentina
Feb 21: Cape Horn and the Drake Passage Crossing
Feb 22: Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Feb 23: Elephant Island, Antarctica
Feb 25: Falkland Islands
Feb 27: Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Mar 1: Montevideo, Uruguay
Mar 2: Fly Home

We still have a few parts to work out for the trip (tours in various cities, excursions on the cruise, etc), but here’s to looking forward to lots of sunny hot beaches followed by chilly cute penguins.


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