Adding it All Up

It’s been almost two weeks since we finished our first Super Awesome Mega Trip. Almost 50% of us are back on east coast time and completely unpacked! At the request of our fans (read: a couple family members and a coworker) we would would like to share with you a bunch of random totals for the trip and final thoughts of our 40 day epic.Totality

Our Top Five List

  1. Total Eclipse
  2. Kilauea
  3. Penguin Parade
  4. Hobbiton
  5. Great Barrier Reef

DistancesLava from the rift

  • By water: 5778 nautical miles (+~20 nmi for river cruises)
  • By air: 19114 mi (+70 for helicopter)
  • By car: Approx 1000 miles
  • Total distance traveled: >25,532 mi

For reference the circumference of the Earth is 24,901 mi


  • Total watercraft traveled upon: 1 ship and 9 boats
  • Total aircraft: 11 jets and 1 helicopter
  • Total hotels: 7
  • Travel Agents: Big Al (Liberty Travel, for the cruise) and Pam Muchnick (Journeys Unlimited, for everything else)

GeographyIn the Shire

  • Total US States: 6 (Maryland, Virgina, Texas, California, Hawai’i, New Jersey)
  • Total US Territories: 2 (American Samoa, Guam)
  • Total Countries: 5 (US, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Japan)
  • Total Island Groups of the Pacific: All 3 (Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia)
  • Total Continents: 3 (North America, Australia, Asia)Reef
  • Total Oceans: 3 (North and South Pacific, Indian, North Atlantic)
  • Total Hemispheres: All 4
  • Total Time Zones: 11 (EDT, CDT, PDT, HST, GDT, NZDT, EADT, CAST, EAT, JST, EST)
  • Highest Elevation: 13,796 ft (Muana Kea)
  • Lowest Elevation: -20 ft (Great Barrier Reef)
  • Furthest Point South: Cape Otway, Victoria, Australia
  • Furthest Point West: Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Furthest Point North and East: Newark, NJ


  • Total Pictures Taken: 9312
  • Total Video: 12 (all at the great barrier reef)
  • Total souvenir photos bought: 6


  • Total Honeymoon Word Drops: 50
  • Total Ugly Americans Encountered: 5
  • Total Volcanic Eruptions Observed: 2
  • Total Eclipses Viewed: 1

This concludes our blog about “Super Awesome Mega Trip: Total Eclipse of the Honeymoon”. We originally intended for this blog to be a single use blog, only for keeping our families and a few friends aware of where we were and what we’re doing. But we’ve had a lot of fun writing it and we’ve gotten some good feedback from others so we’ve decided to keep the blog going in the future for all of our exotic trips. Join us again in February 2014 when we begin writing “Super Awesome Mega Trip: Antarctica“. We’ll post a few items between now and then as we begin to flesh out our trip to the bottom of the world.

Photo from:
Photo from:

Post Script

When we logged on to write this post we first had a look at the statistics of the blog. It turns out that someone found our page by doing a web search for “pterodactyl samoa”.

Really, someone found us by searching for "pterodactyl samoa"? Really?
Really, someone found us by searching for “pterodactyl samoa”? Really?

Which is really odd because we only wrote that as a joke when we saw a tern that looked like the ancient winged lizard. We guess someone else had the same thought? Kinda random, and pretty funny. For what its worth, we are the first result which comes up when you search “pterodactyl samoa”.


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