The Sky is Falling in Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Today was a travel day.  We woke up early, got a quick breakfast, and headed for the Sydney airport.  The flight to Melbourne took about 90 minutes.

After getting to the hotel in Melbourne, we decided to make the rest of the day a lazy day.  Our days are usually booked with tours so we took the opportunity to do nothing!  We relaxed at the hotel pool for a little while and then got some dinner.

Then we decided to make it a movie night.  The movie… Skyfall. The movie theater was smaller than we were used to and more expensive, but it have an extremely crisp image. They had an option to buy popcorn with: soda, beer or wine. We enjoyed the movie sober.

Without giving anything away, one has to wonder if it was really worth $50 million for Heineken product placement, given how little and indirect screen time the beer received? Ryan thinks we may have seen a different cut of the movie down under. Rachel thinks it was the same cut as shown in the US.

On the way from the theater the sky did start to fall… with a light rain shower.

Tomorrow we see some more wildlife, including a penguin parade!

Word drops: 1


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