We’ve Come To A Land Down Under

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Today we arrived in Sydney.  The ship was scheduled to dock around noon, which gave us the opportunity to watch as we sailed into the harbor.  The ship opened up the helipad at 10 am to allow cruise passengers to get a unique view of this beautiful harbor.  While sailing in, we even got a rare glimpse of a halo rainbow (a rainbow rings the sun).

On the helipad as we sailed into Sydney
A halo rainbow
Sydney Harbor

After we docked, we spent the day walking around the city.  We managed to find a very upscale 6-floor mall attached to the sky tower which was a little too expense to go up.  The mall had many very expensive shops and the store directories were touch screen and very sophisticated (but, we did find the cheaper shops, on the bottom below street level).

Because another cruise ship was docked at the passenger terminal, we docked for the day at a navy base nearby.  Around 6:30 pm, we left the navy pier and sailed to the passenger terminal.  We had the option to be on the ship for this short ride or to meet the ship at the new dock.  We decided to stay on the ship and enjoy the ride.  We are glad we did!  It gave us a beautiful view of the Sydney Opera House (and the Harbor Bridge) while the sun set behind it.

Sunset in the Sydney Harbor
The Sydney Opera House

At dinner tonight we had a fantastic view. We were seated at a window which had an uninterrupted view of the Opera House only a few hundred yards away!

The view of the Sydney Opera House from the ship.

Tomorrow, we get off the ship for the last time.  Luckily, we still have 12 days to enjoy Australia before heading home!

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PS… packing sucks!


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