Tasman Sea Day One

Location: 34° 14′ S, 169° 47′ E (as of 1000 local time) The Tasman Sea

Last night the ship set its clocks back an hour, giving us an extra hour of needed sleep after three busy days in New Zealand. We awoke this morning to a cloudy, misty, cool day. In the morning we explored the Persian Gardens on the ship. This is basically the spa’s thermal baths. After lunch we went through Australian immigration and got our passports stamped. Australia sent a few officers on board to process everyone so that we didn’t have to lose time in port on Wednesday and Thursday. Aside from that, it was another rainy day at sea; Rachel spent some time in the casino, Ryan went to the gym and took a nap.

Tonight however was formal night #3 and lobster night in the restaurants. We classed the ship up yet again wearing our fine digs and ate as much lobster as possible. The show tonight was a ship production “iBroadway” featuring highlights from a variety of famous Broadway music.

Tomorrow is our last day at sea, as we explore a hopefully sunnier part of the Tasman sea.

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