At least the sun was out yesterday…

The weather on this trip has by and large been excellent. We had a few passing showers but nothing too bad. In fact the weather was perfect for yesterday’s eclipse but our luck ran out today. Today was another day at sea, a cool, cloudy and rainy day at sea. The sea was the roughest at it had been the entire trip. However this isn’t all that bad, as we’ve seen much worse in the Caribbean.

The ship didn’t move much today, a steady 8 knots, enough to inch toward our next port of call Tauranga. We didn’t move much ourselves either. We spent some time in the hot tub then Rachel went to the casino and Ryan went to the gym.

In the evening we saw a variety show featuring the singer and ventriloquist from the past few nights.

Tomorrow we visit New Zealand for the first time, and Ryan will have visited all three corners of the Polynesian Triangle (Easter Island, Hawai’i, and New Zealand). Our tour in Tauranga is geology (Rachel insert: waa-hoo!) and Polynesian culture.

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