Fiji River Boat

Location: Suva, Fiji

Today we visited Suva, Fiji; our only stop in Melanesia on the honeymoon. It was a very brief visit, scheduled to last from 0700-1300. We had to leave early to be sure that the ship would be in position in time to see the eclipse Wednesday morning.

We booked the “Jewel of Fiji” excursion were we went to the village about an hour west and inland from Suva. We toured the village then boarded a long boat “water taxi” to go see the Magik Waterfall. The clouds broke enough during the trip for us to get some nice pictures and partially dry off from the splash of the class two rapids the driver had to navigate.

Going up the river on our way to see the waterfall.

The  waterfall was a quarter mile hike through the bush along a very narrow and slippery path perched above a creek. It wasn’t particularly challenging, but we did have to watch our step. At the waterfall we took pictures and had an opportunity to swim in the natural pool at the bottom of the falls. We did not swim in the pool.

Magik Waterfall
Magik Waterfall

Back in the village we had a quick snack followed by a Kava ceremony. The presenters knew that we were pressed for time, (The excursion normally lasted 7.5 hours, we had less than 5.5) so they compressed everything as much as possible. After the tour they gave us an opportunity to buy souvenirs. Ryan picked up some wood carvings for a very discounted price.

We made it back to the ship about 30 min late. No worries though, since we booked through the ship and they would wait for us. In fact two other excursion buses arrived after us and the ship left 75 min late. Instead of sailing away at 19.5 kts, we floored it and are currently sailing at 23 kts trying to make up for lost time.

The show tonight was Mark Merchant, a ventriloquist.  He was more entertaining than we were expecting.

Word drops: 2

Pictures taken so far:  2773

Word of the day: farctate (to have a feeling of being overly full from eating). We learned this one at the Liar’s Club show last night.  And… it is a very common condition experienced on a cruise ship.

Ugly Americans encountered today: 0


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