Day at Sea V: The Rain Strikes Back

Location: American Samoan Territorial Waters (9° 34′ S 168° 21W at 10:00 local)

We really wanted to keep today’s title ‘The Sunburn Strikes Back,’ but we could not.  After many days of great weather, the weather gods gave us some rain (try a little harder Harry…).

Rain clouds and rain seen from our balcony.

We did get a couple of hours out in the sun and spent the morning on the sundeck, working on our tans. Finally the sunburn has mostly tanned over for both of us and the golden brown is showing. (Rachel started seeing this transition a couple days ago; she has good genes) The rain stared around noon and has yet to let up. Ryan went to the gym and Rachel played in a couple of poker tournaments.

We also enjoyed some time in the solarium (indoor pool area) in the hot tub and made a lot of progress on our books.

We decided not to go to the show tonight and instead made it a movie night.

Tomorrow we dock in Pago Pago, American Samoa and explore the eastern side of the island.

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