Day at Seas IV: It’s Beginning to Look at a Lot Like Christmas

Today’s Location: 3° 20′ S 165° 31′ W (at 1000 local time)

Sometime around sunrise this morning we entered Kiribati (pronounced KEE – REE BAAS) territorial waters. Kiribati is named for the first island (atoll) in the chain discovered by the Europeans on Christmas day (Christmas Island). Kiribati is just the local spelling of Christmas. Kiribati should not be confused with the other Christmas Island located in the Indian Ocean. In 1999 Kiribati moved the international dateline so that it would not bisect its eastern and western islands. This also allows the (renamed) MillenniumIsland to be the first landmass to celebrate the new year every year. Ironically MillenniumIsland is to the east of Hawai’i and 24 hours ahead, but I digress. So when we entered Kiribati territorial waters this morning, we also crossed the dateline for the first time on this trip.

This will not be the first time we cross the dateline. Tomorrow morning we briefly enter Cook Islands waters, and will revert to the eastern side of the line. Hours later, we will enter Tokelau waters and cross over the international dateline again. On December 29th last year, Tokelau and Samoa changed their time zones and the dateline. Sometime tomorrow night, we will pass into American Samoan waters and back onto the eastern side of the dateline. Confused yet? Good, so are we.

This is all academic though. We don’t disembark until American Samoa, so the ship’s local time and date remains unchanged. Instead our local day and time will adjust this weekend, after we leave American Samoa.

Despite the Christmas aspect of our passage, the weather couldn’t be anymore of a perfect summer day: 82° F, mostly sunny and a very light breeze. The seas are exceptionally calm today too. Today, we sat on the opposite side of the pool deck during the prime tanning hours so we could balance out our sun burns.

In the afternoon, Ryan enjoyed a nice long nap and a trip to the gym.  Rachel spent the time playing in (and winning) two sit-and-go poker tournaments.

The evening show was a variety show featuring two performers we have already seen, a singer and a juggler.  Since we enjoyed their first shows, we attended this one as well.

We had dinner at Blu. Ryan ordered the Crispy Shrimp wrapped in Feuille de Brick. He said it was the best shrimp he ever had and worth writing home about.

Tomorrow is Day at Sea V: The Sunburn Strikes Back

Word Drops: 0

Hanging out in the Celebrity Captain’s Club ‘Elite’ lounge.

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