Day at Sea III: King Neptune’s Court

Location:  Equator

Another sunny day… another day at sea!

Today we enjoyed another day relaxing by and in the pool.  We also spent a lot of time in front of the TV watching election results.  And we are VERY proud of our state… Go Maryland!!

For months, Ryan has talked about the mystery ceremony when you cross the equator for the first time at sea.  He even tracked down the cruise director and asked what the ship has planned.  We were told a ceremony would take place this evening and to prepare for something messy!  Well, we found out and Ryan was a willing participant!

King Neptune and his court judged and punished those who haven’t crossed the equator.  To turn the pollywogs into shellbacks.  This involved being covered in messy food items (eggs, jello, spaghetti and sauce, flour, etc), sometimes kissing a fish, and jumping in the ‘lava pool’ (the sun deck pool with red dye).  Ryan enjoyed every moment of the ceremony and Rachel happily took pictures (but did not want to participate).  Please enjoy all of the pictures below…

Getting ready for the Equator crossing ceremony.
Getting punished by King Neptune and his court.
Jumping (or being pushed) into the ‘Lava Pool’

Tomorrow – Day at Sea IV: A New Hope

Word Drop – 0

Another beautiful sunset!

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